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Need a Social Media Expert at your fingertips?

KB Social Media now offers a Facebook group. One of the best benefits to this group is you can practice LIVE video without judgment. Everyone in the group will encourage you and offer suggestions. LIVE video with take your social media from good to great. LIVE video is rewarded and FB often pushes them to the top of your newsfeed and can get about 6% more engagement than regular posts.

I have seen so many groups and although they are good, most are just too expensive for a individual or small business to join. I totally get it. I want to help you. I am offering my group at the starting price of $30 for the first month and just $20 monthly after that. In my group you will get your questions answered by me (and maybe some special guests at times!) and get the personal time and attention your business needs to grow. If you are a current client with KB Social Media the group is FREE to you. Your first step is to click the Paypal link and sign up for one month. No long commitment required. When you join, I will get with you and give you a Social Media Assessment. I will review all your platforms and give you solid advice on how to improve and get better exposure online. Again, this group is only $20 a month. If you start with me now, you will be locked into that price for all of 2018!  What are you waiting for?! A Social Media expert, aka KB Social Media is waiting to help your business grow online.

  • In the group I will be more than happy to answer questions and help out as I can. If you need something that requires work or in-depth (meaning lengthy or very time consuming) we can discuss if I am able to help you with a project and what my time would be worth.
  • If you have any problems are not added to the group for some weird reason- please email me

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