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Social Media have you confused? Trust me, it can be confusing for all of us. By the time you figure out Facebook or Instagram’s Algorithm, it all changes. And, (I hear this often) what in the world do I Tweet about and why would I want to?! These are all question I hear almost every day. This is just one of the reasons you need me as your coach. I take the confusion out of Social Media and help you understand how it all works together for the good of your business.

Once you are signed up with KB Social Media, I will put together a strategic plan designed with your specific business needs and my Social Media know-how for a action- packed Social Media presence! You will have action steps designed to teach you how to run your social media, how to get referrals/leads and how you can grow your business online.

The first step is to fill out an application. It’s very short but tells me a few key things to know if I will be able to accept you into my program. You see, I need motivated people that will do the action steps I provide them.

I care about you and your business and I need to know you trust what I say and will put in the work. I have outlined my program to make it as easy for you as possible but there is work involved. So go on, fill out the application and let’s get you started onto a path of Social Media greatness!

I offer Social Media Managing services as well.