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A song with meaning.

Hello everyone. I just wanted to share a song that means so much to me right now. Some of you know my struggles and some of you don’t. But, we can all relate to being afraid of something. Afraid of what others think of us. Afraid if we will be successful or fail. Afraid people won’t like us or turn their backs on us. We each have our own unique fears for various reasons. Fear though, it deceives you. Most of the things we fear aren’t truth or will never actually happen. Living life in a way because your fears stop or control you just limits who you are and what you are meant to accomplish….they rob you of your joy. Life is so damn short, why do we let any joy be taken from us!? I urge you to write down your fears and then face them. You may see on the other side you had nothing to fear at all…Go out today and DON’T LET YOUR FEARS STOP YOU! Don’t let anyone tell you who you are and how damn valuable you are. Change a life, do good for others, laugh and smile as much as you can today for tomorrow is not promised. Make this damn day what YOU want it to be and most of all MAKE IT COUNT!!!! Listen to the song-