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Don’t you agree that sometimes we make things way too complicated? We are so busy, it’s hard to stay organized and on top of everything. For me, I get a few things done- and here comes more, more and more to do items and it is hard to keep up. Below I share a few simple tips that help me stay organized…it parts of my business and personal life…at least in some areas.

Someone calls and needs us to do something and we write it down on a scrap of paper or text it to yourself (Come on you know you do!) or a multiple host of other ways you to  keep track of your to- do lists! How many times though are we losing things, forgetting because the note wasn’t in front of us or we are so overwhelmed that we just don’t know where to start?! Who feels me!?! Streamlining those projects and things we have to do can certainly help your day be more productive. Instead of looking for that note, “Where did I put it?!” We can cross things off our lists. I absolutely LOVE when I finish something even if it just a small thing. Something so satisfactory about that check mark!

For me, I still use a paper planner. I know what you are thinking. Social Media girl who still uses a paper planner? I love the feel of paper! So, everything personal, business, home life ALL goes into that ONE planner. Why have separate ones for work or personal and risk planning something on the same day? Tooooo much to keep up with! Sounds silly but this works for me-If a client sends me a request, I screen shot it immediately. I have trained myself to check my screenshot folder on my cell phone daily and write it down on my paper planner (typically I have it with me though!) Tell me when you don’t have your cell for ten minutes, you know you do! I always make sure I pick a small enough planner that I carry it with me almost everywhere. So, screenshot to planner! That’s it! it isn’t rocket science and if it was- I wouldn’t know how to do it. HA. I do have a notepad next to my bed and don’t feel like using my phone (Oh yeah, sometimes I need a break!) just in case I need to write something down, check it daily and write it in the paper planner. but this is a rare case because it is once again, another thing that can get lost or forgotten.

If you think of something you need to do even if it isn’t for someone else, send yourself a text and use the screen shot method as I mentioned above. It works for your reminders too, not just business. Grocery list, people to call, reminder for your spouse..etc! The reason I say text and then take a screenshot is so that is doesn’t get lost in your texts- remember I am daily checking the screenshot folder so my texts to self- would be in the folder! Oh yes, I text myself. Is that not a thing?!?!

** Delete those screenshots after you write it on your planner or add it to your online calendar. Or, you will just have another thing to do later. DO IT NOW-don’t get frustrated later.

A few systems that you can remember and get in the daily habit of. Keep it simple, you will be more likely to stay calm and get things done. This concept works if your a digital person as well. Use your screenshot folder then make notes on whatever online calendar you use. That is if you can’t write it on the calendar immediately. Technology is not always our friend ya know. 1 or 2 places MAX, pick a simple method and STICK WITH IT. No more looking for that damn sticky note. No more forgetting because you have the simple habit in place. You may think my idea is odd so come up with your own! There is a method to my madness, find your own method.

POINT BEING-Simple and consistent is the key! Stop over complicating and take a few minutes to come up with a system that is simple and works for you. Don’t toss the sticky notes though, they are good for other things!

I use time blocking when I am working from home and I always do the thing I dread the most-first. Get it out of the way and go about your day.














Hello everyone. I just wanted to share a song that means so much to me right now. Some of you know my struggles and some of you don’t. But, we can all relate to being afraid of something. Afraid of what others think of us. Afraid if we will be successful or fail. Afraid people won’t like us or turn their backs on us. We each have our own unique fears for various reasons. Fear though, it deceives you. Most of the things we fear aren’t truth or will never actually happen. Living life in a way because your fears stop or control you just limits who you are and what you are meant to accomplish….they rob you of your joy. Life is so damn short, why do we let any joy be taken from us!? I urge you to write down your fears and then face them. You may see on the other side you had nothing to fear at all…Go out today and DON’T LET YOUR FEARS STOP YOU! Don’t let anyone tell you who you are and how damn valuable you are. Change a life, do good for others, laugh and smile as much as you can today for tomorrow is not promised. Make this damn day what YOU want it to be and most of all MAKE IT COUNT!!!! Listen to the song-




Things are great right now, should I be working towards future business?

Hopefully you are at a good place in your business currently. Your busy, life is good, plenty of income coming in. But, what about your future? Should you concentrate on current business and leave marketing alone for the moment? Of course not, you should ALWAYS be marketing yourself and your business.
Your networking, marketing and skills you are learning now will benefit you in ways that you can’t imagine.  This recently happened to me-At least two years ago, I had a sit down one-on-one with a potential client and his business ideas changed shortly after we met. Recently, his wife recommend me to someone as we have kept somewhat in touch over the years as friends. I had a meeting with her this week and helped her on the right path with her social media. I will be giving her some lessons on Social Media Marketing and maybe even helping run their Social Media as their business grows. The point is you never know what you may be working on for your future and even though our contact thru the years was only as friends and not a potential- she kept me in mind and knows I can bring value to their companies.

Social Media and Email Marketing are ways that you can be keeping in contacting with potential future clients/customers.
Think about it? You’re a Realtor and your client just bought their first house. You did a great job and they are really happy. Promises of future business or referrals are made but life gets busy. They met other Realtors and you forget to reach out. Keeping your name (and your business) in the forefront of any potential client/customers mind is KEY. Remember, they need to be active on the page to see your posts.

Email Marketing- I always recommend to my clients to have a personal email sent out (this is if you work for a company and they send something out) So, say I received an email from Century 21. Eh, OK if the subject line grabs my attention then I may read it. However, I am more likely to open the email if it comes directly from my agent- More personalized. It should be short, sweet and give me some value. Not too often either. I literally just had a social media person I follow send me over 10 emails in the last few days. I really don’t care what she says- UNSUBSCRIBE. I don’t know what your magic number is. I send 2 or 3 emails a month to my clients. Obviously more if there is conversation involved. I would love to read a life hack, or recipe, or something about my neighbor hood from MY agent. I remember their name for referrals or when I need her as well.  These are things I will help you with if you hire KB Social Media! #SmartMove












Welcome to my blog!


As I work on writing more original content for my clients, I realize I need to for myself as well. After all, you want to see the motivation quotes, the animal videos and other  fun stuff  but you are here to learn as well, right?!  I am going to start my YouTube channel and regular blog posts.  Videos are key right now as you know and I have been working on LIVE video on my page and my group.  So many factors go into a good LIVE video. I hope you have been watching my page and learning as I go. I’ve practiced quite a bit and I must admit- I am a bore!!!! I am not nervous at all,  just the camera starts and I turn into a dud. I have improved though. Just be REAL, talk to the camera like you are talking to a friend and have fun.

Hey, admitting it is half the battle, right?

LIVE video can get up to 6% more engagement and FB will work it’s magic to push those posts to the top of the newsfeed. How many times have I said LIVE so far? Bonus points if you have been keeping up!

You can practice your videos in my private group- Information here-

KB Social Media’s Group

YouTube- KB Social Media’s YouTube   

There’s nothing on here yet except an amazing video with my husband and his progress at the Chiropractor. You should watch it!

I will start posting regular blogs and videos with Social Media Tips and more….stay tuned!